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Great Hands Make Champions. Gripmaster Builds Great Hands!

The best grip is both soft and strong. It consists of soft and
flexible hands enhancing a fluid swing combined with powerful wrist
action contributing important additional power to the swing.
The Accu-Net Hand Exerciser is the only hand exerciser available today
which enables you to isolate and develop each finger individually.

Accu-Net Hand Exercisers feature:
- Strengthen weaker fingers to overcome right/left side bias
- Achieve stronger wrist snap for increased distance and consistency
- Increases control, endurance, coordination in fingers, hand and forearm
- Designed to exercise each finger individually

o Black (Heavy) tension -9 lbs. per finger for strong hands.
o Blue (Light) tension -5 lbs. per finger for average hands.
o Red (Medium) tension -7 lbs. per finger for above average hands.
o Yellow (X-Light) tension-3 lbs. per finger for weaker hands
Gripmaster...The Finest Hand Exerciser In The World!

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