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  • Callaway EPIC Fairway
  • Callaway EPIC Fairway
  • Callaway EPIC Fairway
  • Callaway EPIC Fairway


Callaway EPIC Fairway

$ 279.95

Right or Left


Given all of the attention that Jailbreak Technology has received as it relates to Callaway’s new Epic and Epic Sub Zero drivers, golfers might wonder why the new GBB Epic fairway woods don’t have Jailbreak Technology. The answer is that the shallower height of a fairway clubface won’t allow for the internal titanium rods. That said, to assume that the GBB Epic fairway woods are any less explosive would be a mistake. The driving force behind Callaway’s success in the fairway wood market in recent years has been Face Cup Technology, and the new Fourth Generation Face Cup in the Epic fairways is creating faster ball speeds and also maintaining higher ball speeds on mis-hits. Also key to the design is the use of lightweight triaxial carbon, which is 78 percent lighter than steel, in the crown. The weight saved by using triaxial carbon allowed engineers to move the CG lower and deeper in the clubhead with the result being higher MOI, effortless launch conditions, and lower spin rates. The Epic fairway woods also feature an aerodynamic speed step on the crown, which reduces air drag during the swing and helps players create more swing speed. GBB Epic fairway woods are available in lofts of 13.5 (167cc), 15 (177cc) and 18 (156cc) degrees, with each of those models featuring an adjustable loft sleeve that allows players to strengthen loft by a degree or weaken loft by two degrees, as well as create a draw bias. Also available is a 20-degree Heavenwood (166cc) that has the same adjustability, as well well as 21-degree (146cc) and 24-degree (136cc) models that feature bonded hosels.  Each Epic fairway wood has a swing weight of D2.

 Maximum Forgiveness from an Ultra-light Triaxial Carbon Crown

Faster Ball Speed from 4th Generation Face Cup Technology
Fast Head Speed from Speed Step Technology
Wide Loft Selection Including 3+ and Heavenwood

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